About the brand

ClimArt automobile accessories are a modern and smart way to protect your car from the effects of different weather events and make your car driving comfortable.

Rain or shine, with ClimArt you are always prepared.

Whether it's hot summer sun, pouring rain in October, or a February snowstorm, your car is always up for the weather. ClimArt accessories can't change the weather outside the window but will make your car trips comfortable in any weather. The main goal of ClimArt is to protect you and your car, keeping it clean, dry and comfortable.

Your car looks stylish in any weather.

Even the most practical accessory can look classy. We compare the process of designing ClimArt accessories to the creation of work of art. ClimArt pays a lot of attention to appearance and ergonomics, trying to keep the functionality of each product. ClimArt products add to the appearance of your car. The design of ClimArt products remains as modern as contemporary art.

about clim art