Durable Rain Guards

Durable rain guards in-channel

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle
Attention to detail allows us to create the perfect product for your car. We designed the in-channel rain guards, focusing on creating the product that perfectly fits your vehicle. For easy installation, each kit includes degreasing wipes and all the tools needed for installation. We added a layer of adhesive tape for secure fixation. These durable rain guards made of the shatterproof PC plastic can be used even in extreme weather conditions.
durable in-channel
durable tape-on

Durable rain guards tape-on

We create harmony around us. ClimArt tape-on rain guards perfectly fit into the geometry of your car. Original 3M adhesive tape allows extra-hold fixation for years. Made of durable PC plastic - ClimArt tape-on rain guards are resistant to stones, hail, and even hammer blows.

Original rain guards

Beauty often lies in simplicity. Original ClimArt rain guards are made of acrylic and will be a pleasant addition to the appearance of your car. For secure fixation, we use the best 3M adhesive tape for our Original series. Such rain guards will provide comfort while driving with a slightly open window, even in rain and snow. No tools needed for installation - everything you need is already inside the kit.